Democracy: Inconveniencing straight white American males since 1776

October 15, 2008

“One of the downsides of democracy, or at least ours, is that in all fairness we have to give everyone the same civil rights. We can’t say all men are equal and then impose slavery. I still don’t understand why gays feel ‘pride.’ I guess they recognize their behavior is abnormal and need the make themselves feel better, much like men who post bumper stickers on their cars stating ‘real men love Jesus’ knowing that loving Jesus is in direct contradiction to traditional notions of manhood. Anyway, vote yes on prop 8.”

For this commenter, who posted under the name “dudeman,” proving his heterosexuality is clearly a full-time job with no benefits. Poor thing—he’s obviously exhausted, since he’s so bummed out that this buzz-killing “democracy” of ours won’t let him enlist a few slaves to help him scrub his life clean of anything that’s gay, Christian, or intended to ride around on a guy’s bumper.


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