Maggie Gallagher, professional idiot

October 15, 2008

“Same-Sex Marriage sends a terrible message to the next generation: alternative family forms are just as good as traditional families, children don’t need a mother and a father, and marriage is about adult desires for affirmation or benefits, not about the well-being of children.”

Maggie Gallagher’s bio on Townhall (I read it so you don’t have to) says that she’s “a leading voice in the new marriage movement.” I’ll let you parse that last phrase while I tell you that this quotation is one of her Top Five Reasons To Oppose Same-Sex Marriage. She’s pretty clear, isn’t she? Marriage is about making babies—BABIES!—and if you’re thinking child-free thoughts about how marriage might benefit you, well, you’re just a selfish, lustful, greedy little so-and-so who frankly isn’t fit to wax Maggie Gallagher’s minivan.

You should, however, feel free to buy multiple copies of her book, The Case for Marriage: Why Married People Are Happier, Healthier, and Better Off Financially.


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