Oh yeah? Well, you’re a bombastupidiot

October 15, 2008

“What is dispicable is the fact that the liBEEral did not make room for the story on the gentleman that was assaulted yesterday supporting YES on 8. This was a hate crime by gay marriage advocates who demonstrated no tolerance for the man’s sexual orientation and political beliefs. These people should be prosecuted to the fullest extent. If this was an assault on a gay person, the liBEEral would have made it front page news. TRAVESTY, SHAM, MOCKERY of news reporting. A TRAVESHAMOCKERY is the BEE.”

This one makes me sort of sad, because 1) I want to believe that people who engage in geeky wordplay are good people, and 2) I want to write a limerick using the word “TRAVESHAMOCKERY,” but all I can come up with is “The Sac Bee, that Traveshamockery, / Kept stealing Miss Havisham’s crockery; / It was caught in a sting, / Grabbed by its left wing, / And shipped to San Pedro de Macoris.”

Get it? Sting? Left wing? Bee? ….I’ll go now.


3 Responses to “Oh yeah? Well, you’re a bombastupidiot”

  1. I’d sat down to have me some Thackeray,
    But I found—what a travishamockery!—
    Married gays, in fair vanity,
    Stole my book—call Sean Hannity!—
    And replaced it with ballage and cockery.

  2. pizzadiavola said

    -falls over laughing- You’re both brilliant!

  3. Atalanta said

    Somewhat off topic, but seemed like it fit best in Limerickland…

    At this point, consensus on Flawed:
    We are thrilled! We are chilled! We are awed!
    Your rhetorical talents
    Add pith, wit, and balance.

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