Ask me about my love canal

October 18, 2008

“In the bible it teaches us to warn the people they are in sin and to turn away from their sin. Not to be tolerable. Look at the story of Lot, he saw Sodom and Gomorrah and saw the land was beautiful. Even though he knew they were in sin. It was like modern day San Fransico or even Venice. Now if the homosexual activity was ok in which some of like [another commenter] proclaims, why then did God bring judgement on them? That is why we are supposed to be intolerable to sin. When we become tolerable, God pulls his hedge of protection away from us.”

I’m not sure this guy (“Bill”) was supposed to divulge the terms of the official fundamentalist contract to us in his last sentence, but now that he’s done so, doesn’t everything make a lot more sense?

An extra hedge clipping to Atalanta for the tip!


2 Responses to “Ask me about my love canal”

  1. angelina (in oakland) said

    This is not terribly cogent to your point, but the people of Sodom were punished for lack of hospitality, not sodomy… The fundies always screw that one up!

  2. Amy said

    Well, he’s doing one thing right. He’s not the slightest bit tolerable.

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