Don’t let your son go down on me

October 18, 2008

“I was and still am both a Clay Aiken fan and a prop 8 supporter. He’s a great singer and prop 8 is great for society.”

This is so unfair. If we’re going to deny marriage to American Idol alums, does anybody really think that the innocuous, luxuriously-banged Clay Aiken should be the first one voted off? I mean, just imagine Taylor Hicks acting as both the groom and the spastic drunken uncle at his wedding reception, or Kellie Pickler asking for clarification of the definition of “forsaking” in the middle of the ring ceremony, or Constantine Maroulis making smarmy eyes at the same poor woman for the rest of his life. Are you really going to tell me that Clay’s the one who doesn’t deserve wedded bliss?

As Simon would say, “What the bloody hell are you thinking?”


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