So many questions

October 19, 2008

“For me, I see this marriage issue as a slipper slope. Where does it end? Where does the slope stop slipping? Does our society start embracing polyandry? poligny? What about the bonobo society where multiple men marry multiple women?”

You know those insulting “Reading Group Guides” they stick at the ends of otherwise worthwhile novels these days? I feel like this comment needs one.

1) The author refers to a “slipper slope.” What do you think this means? Are bunnies involved?

2) Do you think “Where does the slope stop slipping” qualifies as a Buddhist koan? Where does the slope stop slipping?

3) There is much disagreement over the unconventional use of “poligny” in this passage. Some have suggested that its intended meaning here is “Having sex with two or more Chloe Sevignys.” Do you have a better idea?

4) The author writes about the sexually promiscuous and polygamous men and women of the “bonobo society.” Do you think the author realizes that bonobos are not people at all, but endangered Congolese apes? Discuss.


5 Responses to “So many questions”

  1. Carisa said

    re: #4: perhaps it’s a sly way of recognizing “evolution” without using the e-word or understanding how evolution works, having been steeped in “intelligent design”?

  2. eloriane said

    For some reason, the Bonobo comment made me think he meant basically what (straight) people do now; as in, one man marries one woman, then another man marries another woman, and now multiple men have married multiple women!

    Also, I am amused that he separates polygamy into polyandry and polygyny. He’s really done his research on polygamy. Pretty soon he’ll know exactly where the slope stops slipping.

  3. lalle said

    i cannot stop laughing!

    [its so easy to feel overwhelmed in the face of all this crazy- yr postings help me remember that there are pockets of logic and that unmitigated rage and shutdown is not the only possible response. thank you for this.]

  4. fearlessleader said

    Thanks, lalle (and others). I know exactly what you mean. If I don’t laugh at these cretins, I will begin to lose my mind, and then who knows where the slope will stop slipping?

  5. Cathleen said

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