The new Bandwagon burns Hetero crosses instead of gasoline!

October 20, 2008

“As much as I know you love to jump on your Hetero cross burning bandwagon and get all worked up, we don’t want Gay people going away, it has NOTHING to do with how we feel about gay people. It has everything to do with the redefinition of marriage. Someone, somewhere has done an amazing job of marketing this as anti gay. Someone hire that person as director of marketing, that are amazing (albeit deceptive).”

MARKETING TEAM MEMBER 1: “Okay, team, we’ve got some challenging deliverables here. Our objective is to make people perceive a constitutional amendment denying rights to gay people as…anti-gay.”


TEAM MEMBER 2: “That’s a stretch. I’m not sure my skill set is up to it.”

TEAM MEMBER 1: “Transform that negativity—add value, folks, add value! How about you? Have you got anything to run up the flagpole?”

TEAM MEMBER 3: “I’m all about delivering results, but this one’s thrown me a curve.”

TEAM MEMBER 1: “Well, back to the drawing board, everybody. Our core competencies are at stake here. Go! Leverage! Incentivize! Synergize! Somehow, some way, we’ve got to paint that proposition as anti-gay. People are counting on us!


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