So you can’t get pregnant from burping?

October 22, 2008

“Hetrosexual men stay with their wives through thick and thin and don’t make it all about sex. Homosexulaity seperates sex from procreation – diminishing the act to just a physical release no different than a burp or a fart.”

I’m going to take a flying leap here and hypothesize that this guy 1) is thumpingly bored with his marriage, 2) hasn’t had nearly as much sex recently as he feels he’s due, and 3) blames his wife for the fact that he’s not permitted to burp and fart anytime, anywhere. He’s a self-denying martyr, a long-suffering hetero-hairshirt-wearer, practically a monk, you guys—which probably explains his barely-concealed envy of the homosexu-laity.


2 Responses to “So you can’t get pregnant from burping?”

  1. Joy said

    Right. Because everyone knows that heterosexual men are notoriously faithful to their wives. Never cheat on them, never leave them, never abuse them.

    What the $&#! planet is this guy from?

  2. pizzadiavola said

    If you think sex is like burping or farting, you’re doing it wrong.

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