You’re an ignoramus. Period.

October 22, 2008

“It’s not worth arguing with gays. It’s like arguing with a woman who’s on the rag (no offense ladies). They will always have to have the last word in order to defend and back up imorality and the pervertedness that makes up the homosexuality community. Let them think what they want.”

I’m throwing this one in here just in case you needed any further evidence that homophobia and misogyny are as inexorably linked as James Dobson and Beelzebub. (When I pointed out as much to the commenter, by the way, he—uh, I’m just assuming this is a “he”—switched his pet name for me from “Pervert” to “Prissy” and added some winking smiley faces for extra creepiness. And there I was without my tampon gun.)


2 Responses to “You’re an ignoramus. Period.”

  1. Misspelled said

    As I sit here at my desk, bleeding gently from the vagina, it occurs to me that if Mr. Prissy Pervert wants to continue making these sorts of comments in public, he’d better get himself the same kind of just-can’t-help-himself-the-poor-dear free pass he’s imposing on gays and menstruating women. I suggest a disclaimer: “Please be advised that the words you are about to read are the product of a malformed and incapacitated mind. They should be taken with 4-6 pounds of salt or if needs be utterly ignored. Due to their point of origin, they could not be subjected to any examination or validation process preliminary to their appearance before you today. We ask you not to hold the author responsible; he’s got enough on his plate just remembering how to operate a keyboard, poor man. Your understanding and tolerance are appreciated. Have a wonderful day.”

    Nice place you’ve got here, by the way.

  2. fearlessleader said

    Misspelled, that’s a great idea, but it’s an awful lot of words for his poor brain to hold.

    Glad you came! Stay a while!

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