Special edition: Fundy haiku!

October 23, 2008

Recently, Atalanta pointed out a lovely near-haiku in an otherwise unintelligible online comment from a Prop 8 supporter, and that got me wondering whether there were other poetic gems lurking in the collection of bigoted garbage clogging my computer. Answer: Emphatically yes! And—bonus—it turns out that creative fundy spelling sometimes creates haiku where no haiku would otherwise exist. See for yourself:

Now why is a school
teaching kids it’s ok to
be homsexual?

I will not accept
some Orwellian twisting of
the english langauge

God loves ALL of his
childern, but it doesn’t mean
he likes what they do.

And where would you be
without a mother and a
father…..you wouldn’t.

Satan tried to twist
the words of the Bilbe on Christ
and failed just like you

If I have multi-
ple personalities could
I marry myself?

‘Scuse me—I’m going to go rake patterns into my rock garden and meditate on that last one.


3 Responses to “Special edition: Fundy haiku!”

  1. Joy said

    You’d think that if there was one word a (supposed) Christian would know how to spell it would be “Bible,” wouldn’t you?

    And that last one is just precious, simply precious. I bet that person’s brain is still hurting from giving birth to such an amazing thought.

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