Who in the what now?

October 23, 2008

“ok but lets see, our constitution defends what we are correct?
Being gay is not ‘what’ you are its how you are.
Being a different race is a ‘what’ as opposed to ‘how’ Which is why its unconstitutional to discriminate.
Being of a different religion is a ‘what’ as well because its a form of belief, again defended by the constitution to believe in what you want.
Being GAY is not a ‘what’ its a ‘how’ you are. So to provide a specific law to simply please people who ARE this way is a special treatment.”

Upon first reading this, I almost felt sorry for this woman, because I could picture her sitting at her desk and working really hard on this comment, hunching and furrowing her brow and chomping on her pencil while the rather obvious fact that religion is a choice (and therefore, in her model of Constitutional law, a “how” rather than a “what”) flew unnoticed right past her window.

Then I remembered that she was the same woman who tailed the couple through the grocery store last week, and I felt better.


4 Responses to “Who in the what now?”

  1. Sarah said

    Haha, religion is inborn while homosexuality is a choice! It makes perfect sense!

  2. VB said

    That explains why all the fundies are crazy – way too much inbreeding of those inborn religious traits!

  3. Renee said

    The scary part about this is that she probably thought that she was making sense. WOW. The hurt my head just trying to find a rationale thought in there. I now know why my grandmother said never argue with crazy just move away slowly.

  4. ol cranky said

    wow, talk about an uncanny lack of logic

    I’m willing to be that this woman also thinks that those who don’t accept Christ as their savior go to hell and tries to convert nonbelievers. . .how does proselytizing fit in with this scheme?

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