Can we use the car tonight and have a raise in our allowance, too?

October 25, 2008

“Licensing something is different from allowing something. Of course same-sex couples are ‘allowed’ to marry. When was the last time a SWAT team broke up a gay wedding, or broke up a gay couple? Have ceremonies, exchanging rings, living together, sharing a life together, making contracts, changing names – all of that is voluntary between consenting adults and will not be banned. How could you ban that anyway? But when someone wants something from someone else (such as a marriage license), then consent is needed. We did not consent.”

Um…does he think we’re asking to borrow his marriage license? Or does he perhaps think that there’s a big box of marriage licenses up in Sacramento, and every straight Californian has a key, and anyone who wants to get married has to ask nicely and know the secret password?

Because otherwise, I can’t for the life of me figure out why I’d need his “consent” to do a damned thing.


3 Responses to “Can we use the car tonight and have a raise in our allowance, too?”

  1. Joy said

    Actually, unlike most of these other morons, this guy has a point, in a way. If you want to get legally married, you need the government to authorize it, which you could call “consent.” This guy’s problem is that he wants to live under a government which arbitrarily denies rights to certain people whose ideas he personally doesn’t “consent” to, whereas the U.S. is governed by a Constitution that makes a big deal about how we’re all created equal.

    But there’s some aspects of his system I like. For example, I didn’t “consent” to the war on Iraq…can I have my tax money back?

  2. fearlessleader said

    It was his hijacking of the word “we” without a second thought that really rankled me.

  3. Amy said

    Duh, fearlessleader, “we” is the majority. Everyone knows that the majority should get to decide which civil rights the minority will actually get to exercise. And those stupid courts and their stupid constitution have their nerve saying otherwise.

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