You should have seen New Year’s Eve

October 25, 2008

“Now the idea of even christmas befor it was modernised today was greek holliday that they celibrated with once more, sodomy, same sex actions, gift givings and forceing the women to make them food while they did nothing but watch what happend. That was taken out by emperers who saw that it was wrong. And once more a abomination in the eyes of the lord. Btw fallowers of any sort of mythology is interesting seeing how i studied alot about the egyptian and partly the greek. EVEN THE EGYPIANS THOUGHT OF SAME SEX AS A HORRID ACT OF LIFE! And their believs were fallowing a line of sex! Now dont you guys want to advoid this blunder you are sending us into? Or are you going to stay thick headed and ignorant and try to cast me aside?”

Thank goodness for “modernization”! Americans today are far too enlightened to celebrate Christmas by giving gifts and expecting women to cook.


4 Responses to “You should have seen New Year’s Eve”

  1. pizzadiavola said

    “fallowers of … mythology?” “fallowing a line of sex?”

    Fallowing a line of sex…oh, dear. The writer certainly has sex and procreation on the mind.

  2. Rachel said

    Sometimes they don’t make sense; other time, they very elaborately don’t make sense.

  3. John said

    Well, seein’ as he’s so lerned n stuph, I’ll taek his pointers to me hart.
    Greeks had Christmas?
    I think the only sentence without a spelling error is the last one. And what does any of this have to do with Prop 8?

  4. fearlessleader said

    And what does any of this have to do with Prop 8?

    Well, the Assault on Traditional Families and the War on Christmas share many of the same foot-soldiers, you know.

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