To me it will mean “Leaving, Gormless Bigots? Ta!”

October 27, 2008

“If not halted the schools will soon be overrun by this agenda. It will be taught that many of our presidents were gay. That many of our scientists and great leaders were homosexual. Our children’s fairy tales will be re-written. They will be fairy tales for sure. Snow White will be a lesbian. The 7 dwarfs will all be gay. Cinderella will be a transvestite while Prince Charming will be a Transsexual. They will demand a national holiday not unlike Martin Luther King Jr. Day. LGBT rights Day it will be called. To us it will mean Long Gone Basic Traditions and goodbye America.”

Next thing you know, they’ll want to teach our kids that dinosaurs co-existed with humans, and that the only way to prevent pregnancy and a slow descent into whoredom is never, ever to have filthy, filthy sex outside the bonds of Godly heterosexual matrimony. Hey, at least Drag Cinderella could reasonably be expected to shed some light on that slipper slope we were wondering about.


3 Responses to “To me it will mean “Leaving, Gormless Bigots? Ta!””

  1. tervlover said

    You mean the 7 dwarfs aren’t gay?

  2. Joy said

    Damn you, tervlover, you stole my response! 🙂

  3. John said

    I must not be reading the same Prop 8. Maybe there’s a page missing here [shuffles through desk].

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