Could it be…..SATAN?

October 28, 2008

“Now the bible doesn’t mention america anywhere in the bible why? Could it be because we destroyed ourselves for accepting perversion in many areas of life? Could it be that financially we are bankrupt thanks to government spending? But 1 thing for certian is this: the anti christ will rise and be widely accepted around the world! Hmmm Nobama is widely accepted as a presedential canidate than any other in history! Now if this is true, this is just a thought for I do not know when or who.”

<Chris Farley Show voice>

Remember when the Church Lady was literate? And internally logical? And, uh, fictional?

That was cool.

</Chris Farley Show voice>


3 Responses to “Could it be…..SATAN?

  1. Rachel said

    Dude– what model of history and time is this person using? Is this person at all bothered by the fact that W. isn’t mentioned in the bible? Or does s/he think that’s who the burning Bush is?

  2. Joy said

    I love the little exercise in logical thought here. I’ll bet the writer strained his/her little brain working this one out:

    Statement 1: The antiChrist will be widely accepted.

    Statement 2: Obama is widely accepted.

    Implicit conclusion: Therefore, Obama must be the antiChrist.


  3. allison said

    yes! it’s the logic. it is self evident, this fellow is a master debater!

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