No phycho left behind

October 28, 2008

“Your not giving me a thrill at all. Sorry to burst your bubble. Keep dreaming phycho. I am straight as straight can be. You only wish I was loser! Get a life.”

If that fifth sentence rings a bell, it’s because we’ve met this gentleman before. I’m afraid his literacy quest isn’t progressing quite as quickly as we’d hoped, as these other excerpts demonstrate:

“Shows the level of intelegence when so low life immoral people want something in palce that shouldn’t be!”

“I am not homophobic. You on the other hand are the ignorant one whn you claim your normal! Hello earth to whatever you are (male female) you are not normal in a biological way. And yes it is a life style that you choose! It’s like a guy or girl who choose to sleep with whom ever. It is a life style they chose! You get the point now?”

“In the last days evil will flourish in the masses and try and make people who are followers of Christ look foolish like your doing. And thats an extreme loose paraphrase.”

Oh, you poor dear. No wonder you’re so worried. Rest easy—you don’t look foolish because the end times are nigh; you look foolish because you’re a fool, and you’re spending too much time posting on websites and not enough time studying. Back to your books!


One Response to “No phycho left behind”

  1. allison said

    ok, now i’m really mad! this posting has called me to arms! i got so cracked up, you made me spit a moderate red wine all over my nice new iMac! oh, i do have anger now! (came out my nose, the whole 9 yards!)

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