Oh, babby, babby, it’s a wild world

October 28, 2008

“Hey donut bumping may not create a babby but turkey basteing will and has! So lesbos can & have made babbies. why shouldn’t these 2 women that created the babby ( say the egg donor isn’t the one carrying the bun in the oven) be in a 2 person legally recognized nuclear family? Heck I’d not even object to a 3 person marriage with the sperm donor, egg donor & womb donor And just wait with technology in another 50 years I bet a man will carry a babby untill a ceasarian section is performed.”

Donuts and turkey and buns, oh my! Let this serve as a reminder never to attempt sarcasm on an empty stomach and an empty brain.


One Response to “Oh, babby, babby, it’s a wild world”

  1. JoAsakura said

    I just want to know what in the hell a babby is, and what it has to do with baked goods.

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