October 29, 2008

“Prop 8 is simply about 4 individual Judges who think that the Majority of Californians are STUPID tot make laws and govern themselves. What amazes me is that 4 individuals who sit on their high thrones and have no concept of reality have the ability to force the majority to live by their laws, (wasn’t there 4 in Hiliter’s forcefull form of Government and did they not control the masses with their laws?).”

I think that’s called Gowidinning the thread.


2 Responses to “Four-play”

  1. Joy said

    Does anyone know what the deal is with the fundies obsession with numbers? 4 judges…4 people on some undefined something to do with Hitler…connection! They seem obsessed with Sesame Street-style finding things that there are the same number of. Is it just part of their general stupids?

  2. K said

    Um, I am fairly certain Hitler had more than four people in his government. Maybe the “forcefull” core of his cadre was a gang of four? But what do I know. I am one of those “rainbows.”

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