Fourscore and seven queers ago

October 30, 2008

“You are a moron. we voted against you rainbows and the idiot judges ignored our votes and let you marry temporarily.
Slavery was abolished by that Nancy boy Lincoln and now look at who might be President.
Summation look at what you rainbows have given us?”

I’ll tell you what we’re not giving you: Any more invitations to our Friends of Dorothy potlucks. Hmmph.


3 Responses to “Fourscore and seven queers ago”

  1. Rebecca said

    Oh yeah, Lincoln should never have abolished slavery because now Barack Obama will become President. That makes a lot of sense.

  2. Joy said

    Actually I give this idiot some credit for honesty. Most of these bigots deny that they are bigots, but at this guy is proud of his racism and his homophobia! What integrity!

  3. allison said

    i was going to say this is my favorite, but after reading what Joy said…she’s right. i must give credit to the creep. at least he is honest and sincere. yes, extra points for claiming your bigotry!

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