Why buy the cow when you can bash Harvey Milk for free?

October 30, 2008

“Being married in past years meant that a man owned a woman, like chattel (still don’t know what chattel means, i assume it is something like cattle).
Ok, that example is a man + women definition of marriage, so how has the definition change?”

I’ll just be over here sobbing quietly that this man gets to vote on my civil rights.


5 Responses to “Why buy the cow when you can bash Harvey Milk for free?”

  1. pizzadiavola said

    -jaw drops-

    Btw, I’m surprised you haven’t had any trolls. Have you been handy w/the bannination or just super lucky?

  2. fearlessleader said

    So far? Lucky.

    If they do show up, their comments will be banned if they’re boring and turned into posts for public ridicule if they’re hilarious. 🙂

  3. reconditarmonia said

    *cries right along with you*

  4. Rachel said

    Woohoo! Woman hating and gay bashing in one single comment! Is anyone playing Bingo with these?

  5. Lauren said

    What’s that speech from Billy Madison? “At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.” I have never found that speech so appropriate.

    Translation of this guy’s thoughts into grammatical sense: “The definition of marriage has changed over the years, which means it hasn’t changed.”

    Really clever title on this post, by the way!

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