You got your swish in my swoosh

October 30, 2008

“It is kind of like another company putting the Nike logo on its products, taking advantage of the goodwill that Nike has built up with years of hard work and millions in advertising. Someone might say to Nike: ‘It doesn’t hurt you if we use your name too-you can still use it any way you want!’ It doesn’t work that way. Nike would insist that its name no longer be used…and that the other company find its own name, and build up its own goodwill associated with that new name-not dilute the meaning and ideal that Nike has developed. ‘Marriage’ is no different.”

Nope, no different at all. “Marriage” is a registered trademark, and straight people spend millions of dollars a year on advertising, celebrity endorsements, and product placements to make sure that it outsells its numerous competitors in the legally-sanctioned love market. You’ve convinced me that we need to find another brand name to refer to our unions. Is “Le Coq Sportif” taken?


4 Responses to “You got your swish in my swoosh”

  1. Joy said

    You can just see James Dobson reading this, can’t you, and smacking his forehead, “Doh! Gosh durnit, we FORGOT to copyright the word ‘marriage!’ Now we’ll just have to fight it out at the ballot box with those nasty homos.”

  2. fearlessleader said

    Maybe that’s the real reason he was crying….

    (Hey, it’s our friend Jim Garlow!)

  3. K said

    Question: if I work for Reebok, does that mean I am part of a civil union?

  4. silver said

    so lemme get this, err, straight: “marriage” is a corporation whose products are associated in the popular imagination with sweatshop labour?

    oh, wait…

    (here via QT. loving your blog.)

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