In which Bill shows Rick what love is really all about

November 2, 2008

“Rick you narrow minded one! Homosexuals began from pagan idol worship. Then they gave into their lusts Rick. Rick I would like to say something to you but I would have to ask for forgiveness after!Believe what you want out of [the Bible] to suit your own desires. You (you and your followers) love to twist it to fit what you want. You are saying it was wrong for heterols to take part, yet in same instance you calim it is ok for homosexuals to part take! That is a double standard. Try and reaon all you want it was addressed to both Rick. If you think your untouchable your wrong. Paul clearly warned against it. Wether gay or straight!
I am meerely spreading a warning of God’s judgement to come unless they change. That is LOVE. I do not want any to perish because of their sinful desires.
Am I so wrong at that?
Apperently to some yes!
Let me ask you this, If God doesn’t exist then why do alot of you get so offended by my posts?”

“Bill,” it starts with the spelling and it kind of snowballs from there. How long have you got?


2 Responses to “In which Bill shows Rick what love is really all about”

  1. pizzadiavola said

    -boggles- Well, for starters, it’s entirely possible to get offended at things even if God doesn’t exist. God’s existence is not a requisite precondition for being able to take offense or give it.

    I’m going to miss your postings after Election Day!

  2. lalle said

    ‘heterol’ would be a GREAT name for a drug that treats and eliminates homophobia.

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