You mean the signs that say “No on 8”?

November 3, 2008

Happy election day, fellow omohay-exualsays and allies! I’ll be volunteering at the polls all day tomorrow, so don’t look for any updates until Wednesday, when we hope to be celebrating the victory of justice and compassion over bigotry and fear. I leave you with this special exhortation from a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Random-Capital-Letter-Day Saints:

“Marriage is and always has been (Before this Perverse and Shameless no Morals having World of today) between a Man AND a Woman. Period. 50 years ago this was not even a Topic. Period. We need to get back to the Values of Yesterday, Today we are on the brink of Anarchy with things of this nature. The Freedoms of this country have been reversed from a God Fearing and Trusting Nation, to one that Mocks him and Alienates Him. How can ‘God to Bless America’ if he is not Involved in America? He can’t and WON’T Bless what he is not involved in. There is a price to pay for all of this, my children and yours are going to suffer even more if this is to pass. Please Vote No. On Top of all that is going on, if you cannot see the signs, you will be Left Behind.”

Well, you heard her—vote no on Prop 8! And say a little prayer that the only thing “left behind” is discrimination and inequality.

Peace, all.


2 Responses to “You mean the signs that say “No on 8”?”

  1. Amy said

    Peace out, fearlessleader. Thanks for keeping up my morale these last couple of weeks. We’ll be doing No on 8 poll work all day too.

  2. Joy said

    I can’t begin to tell you how much I hope these people are right about the rapture, and that it comes and takes them all away and OFF MY PLANET!

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