Special edition: More fundy haiku!

November 10, 2008

In times of national turmoil, we need the arts more than ever; thus I offer you a second installment of Proposition 8 haiku—or “gay-Bashoing,” as I like to think of them.

Proposition 8
did not ban Gay marriage but
banned same sex marriage.

It is what it is.

If I can’t marry
someone who’s in the same sex,
so should other’s can’t.

Without separate
but equal, womens college
sports would not exist.

this is a question
of Garriage, not civil rights.
Whether you like it.

I bet you are one
of those dudes with a chicks name.
Like Chris or something.


4 Responses to “Special edition: More fundy haiku!”

  1. Dr. Psycho said

    Thus proving that there is nothing so horrible that you can’t make it into something beautiful.

    Also that there is nobody so horrible that you can’t make fun of them.

  2. MissPrism said

    That last one is truly wonderful.

  3. pizzadiavola said


    -cries laughing-

  4. […] the hateful illiteracy a gem, a found poem, an accidental stroke of sheer beauty. I collected three batches of anti-gay haiku, which—then and now—put me in a happy Zen place, far from the slings […]

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