Get thee behind me, satin

November 13, 2008

“Read the Bible and know the true Word of God. First of all God did not kill Satin.”

And second, if you’re gay, you’re probably sleeping amid layers of Satan each night.


6 Responses to “Get thee behind me, satin”

  1. Archimedes Tritium said

    Post this one up top:

    If you believe humans evolved over billions of years through natural selection then each of us is the descendant of millions of unbroken
    generations of heterosexual unions. Preferring the same sex results in removal from the genetic history of humanity in one generation. Nothing is more strongly selected against by evolutionary pressures by definition than homosexuality.

    So in the evolutionary view, homosexuality is an obvious developmental disorder (OR the theory of evolution is blown to bits).

    If you instead believe humans were created in the image of God for the purpose of exercising the free will to accept or reject God, homosexual behavior is a rejection of God’s intent.

    In this spiritual view, homosexuals — created, dependent beings — assert their personal desires (lusts) are superior to the intent of God, the Creator. They are free to do so, to sin, but thereby reject companionship with Him. They voluntarily choose eternal separation so as to fulfill urges of the moment. The consequences are momentous. Liberals talk about God as love, but ignore all else, which is accountability and God’s abhorence/intolerance of sin. God is only responsible for the potential of sin (by allowing free will — in His image). Humans make it actual.

    So in either biological or spiritual views, homosexuality can only be seen as a disorder or sin, and a serious one at that.

    The average age of death for gays is 44 years excluding AIDS. If you include AIDS, it drops to 42. Thus AIDS is not even a significant cause of mortality. Homosexual behavior is far more deadly than cigarette smoking.

    Homosexual behavior is an integral part of disease transmission; 73% of all sexual diseases in heterosexuals can be traced back a homo/bi sexual vector. You’ve got a life-altering condition, chances are you can thank you gay friends.

    Danish studies show that the average gay “marriage” lasts 1.5 years. Of the tiny percentage that last more than 5 years, ALL included provisions for multiple partners. Thus, gay marriage is only a legal mechanism to obtain access to social benefits such as the obviously critical health care that is the center-piece of homosexual life.

    The purpose of marriage is not to “declare ones’ love”, but to provide a legal obligation, and create the societal atmosphere of stability needed to properly raise children. Gay marriage is irrelevant to society by nature and practice. No one knows this better than gays themselves.

    Gays seek to create a society in which they cannot be confronted with these facts, thus no have reason to deal with and control their behavior. It also increases the ease of finding additional partners.

    The cause is advanced through violent reaction so as to condition a heterosexual population to never EVER question or challenge them. Note the strident, hysterical edge to the 1-star reviews.

    Since normal people do not spend their day-to-day life analyzing sexual behavior, they can have no response except to simply grant the people screaming what they want. In addition, energized by their compulsions, activists infiltrate and assume control of relevant social and medical institutions like the APA, etc.

    The chief argument of homosexuals is that it is enlightened to realize that what consenting adults do is fine as long as no one is hurt.

    The same logic can advance adultery and marriage/relations with animals, cadavers, etc. You cannot argue against these things without contradicting the arguments used to support homosexuality.

    Furthermore, one can ask, WHY is there a limit regarding no one being hurt? I mean, who are you to impose those morals on me? If I want to hurt someone, how dare you impose your Christianity-derived moral code on me?

    In fact, the reasoning used to support homosexual behavior is neither new nor enlightened; humans lived nasty, brutish lives under it for 10’s of thousands of years and it was called “paganism”. He who has the power defines what is right. We have lived the last 2000 years in a Christianized world which overturned paganism and provided the substance of what we call civilization.

    The more homosexual arguments and behavior are normalized, the more human societies will resemble pre-civilization ones. Pity the next generation trying to grow up in world in which hapless heterosexuals have abandoned them to let the lunatics run the asylum …

  2. fearlessleader said

    Dear Archimedes Tritium:

    I think “The Hapless Heterosexuals” would be an awesome name for a band.


    P.S. Regarding “Post this one up top”: Bossy little shit, aren’t you?

  3. oddjob said

    Nothing is more strongly selected against by evolutionary pressures by definition than homosexuality.

    Except that this is an assertion not supported by empiric observation of the natural world. Go ask an ornithologist if you think I’m lying.

    Thus, it’s bullshit (like the rest of the homophobic rants this subject generates).

  4. Rachel said

    Stop gay bashing us, and we’ll live longer.

  5. Archimedes Tritium: you appear to be a complete ignoramus when it comes to genetic theory and heredity. You also appear to be completely ignorant of current thinking on the natural prenatal causes of homosexuality.

    If homosexuality is produced by a recessive gene, then two heterosexual people who reproduce could easily pass on two copies of the “gay gene” to one child, and only one copy to a second child. if said second child would then be straight, just like her parents (even though both parents had a gay gene). If she then mates with a male who also carries a recessive “gay gene”, then once again there is a one-in-four chance that they will produce gay offspring.

    Secondly, it is currently believed that homosexuality is not genetic, but is formed by the prenatal environment, out of the control of any human being. “genetic” versus “free will” is a false dichotomy.

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