Mighty Morphin Power Gays

November 13, 2008

“Pretty soon the word marriage will have no meaning and we’ll all just be morphed together by the person we are sharing a bed with, like Brangelina (Brad Pitt*Angie Jolie). So Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, married for 50 yrs, would be reduced to PaulJo.”

Siegfried and Roy can be “Soy!”


2 Responses to “Mighty Morphin Power Gays”

  1. lindabeth said

    Aren’t we already lumped in with who we go to bed with? It’s called “Let me introduce to you Mr. and Mrs. Man’s-last-name” and “joint tax returns”.

  2. Arianne said

    Surely Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward become Paulanne?

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