Who wants to marry a millionaire?

November 14, 2008

“Strongly desiring something. strenuously wanting a thing. Longing for, and devout affirming that it should be so, does not automatically classify that longing as a right. I ardently, strenuously and longingly want a million dollars right now! Seriously, I do! But that does not give me the right to walk into a bank and take it. Let’s think on that for a minute.”

I tried to spend an entire minute thinking about this—seriously, I did!—but within the first 0.8 seconds, it became apparent that the analogy wasn’t valid unless all the gay Californians could show up at the bank and get their million dollars just for the asking, while this hapless hetero was denied.  So I used the rest of my minute to imagine how much funnier this comment would have been if we’d gone with this guy’s suggestion. Hee. Poop.


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