How the Grinches stole our civil rights

November 17, 2008

“A Wrong Choice that Creates Confusion, by FinestCityMan

Like those from San Francisco Bay,
They argue, we are born Gay!

Truth will prevail and lies will be exposed.
To intimately love the same sex is what you CHOSE.

All people are tempted to do what is not right,
But grasping onto sin is what we need to fight.

Planting a penny in soil and expect it to grow,
Is like the ‘confused love’ of them that don’t know.

Turn eight flat on its side,
It is a symbol that means never die:

For infinity, a man with a man is a mistake.
Think of the future, always vote yes on Prop 8!”

Everyone up in Bay-ville liked gay folks a lot;
FCM, who lived well south of Bay-ville, did not!
He raved and he ranted in passionate verse
With meter that wobbled and rhymes that were worse.
He urged all his readers to vote “yes” on 8
To help California stay narrow and straight.
He typed all night long on Election Day Eve
About cocker spaniels and Adam and Steve—
And when it was clear that the bigots had won,
He said, “Hallelujah! My work here is done!”
But something incredible happened that day:
The gay people just kept right on being gay!
They hadn’t been wiped out. They hadn’t been banished.
None of them vaporized, kicked off, or vanished.
They took to the streets with their struggle to marry—
And he sighed and dug out his rhyme dictionary
To keep writing couplets (not always heroic)
Defending the morals of the Mesozoic.


11 Responses to “How the Grinches stole our civil rights”

  1. bgk said


    As Saturday showed, WA queers stand in solidarity with the GLBTQI community in CA. Together, we’re gonna get through this thing.

  2. fearlessleader said

    Dori, thank you! I’m honored!

  3. LG said

    you. are. a. genius.

  4. fearlessleader said

    Nah, I’m just a guy who couldn’t build a barbecue. –Homer Simpson

    (But thanks, LG. You’re awesome.)

  5. LaDivina said

    I seconded Dori’s nomination. (Actually, I sixthed it.) 🙂

  6. Amy said

    *bows low before Fearless Leader*

  7. Emily said

    Why didn’t I start reading this blog . . . however many months ago it was that you started it?

  8. Joy said

    You’re an artist, FF, an artist.

  9. beka said

    Soooo… I expect to be seeing your cartoon books in the store anytime soon… I always wanted more Cat in the Hat sequels! 😛

  10. House-Still-Standing said

    This is manna. Never stop!

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