Don’t even get me started on “HOH” jokes

November 18, 2008

“The idea that marriage is anything other than one man plus one woman never entered anyone’s mind until recent years. It was a given, like water is defined as the combination of hydrogen and oxygen — two different elements that become something ‘more’ when combined properly. You can try combining other elements, you might get something liquid, but it won’t be water. Not a difficult concept to grasp.”

And if we start messing with time-honored scientific definitions, where will it end? Next thing you know, we’ll have oxygen atoms wanting to bond with two hydrogen atoms at once and call themselves water.


3 Responses to “Don’t even get me started on “HOH” jokes”

  1. space said


    Wasn’t it not so long ago that marriage was one man plus 2-500 women?

  2. lindabeth said

    Yes, and that marriage had nothing to do with love or even sexual fulfillment. read Stephanie Coontz’s “Radical Idea of Marrying for Love”. But I’m preaching to the choir, right?

  3. beka said

    Surprise…! Diatomic hydrogen exists! Diatomic oxygen exists! What is the world coming to?

    (You might remember me from the “man + woman = marriage” lulz that was cross-posted at Feministing. I’m proud to be a math and science student taking on nutcases one math/science argument at a time! :D)

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