Ye gads

November 18, 2008

“it is a dirty nasty sin for a man to lay with man or woman to lay with woman.its 1 of the 7 deadly sins.and all the gripen and protesting at the mall will not chage the fact.its no differant than a man that wants 7 wives.ware do you get off saying the will f the people took your civil rights away.thats garbage.the is strict on you will have people wanting to marry there dog,cats birds or even cars.ware does it stop or end.they will be saying garbage like you about its the cicil right.gad made adam and eve.not adam&steve.”

If the stylistic nuances and flourishes of this passage seem familiar, it’s because we’ve met “big daddy” before. He’s still extremely concerned—though not in this particular excerpt—with homosexuality being “shoved down are throtes” and taught in schools. I ask you this: Does a comment like this give you reason to believe that anything at all is taught in schools anymore?


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