Diagnosis: Internalized vajayjay dentata

November 20, 2008

“I love my dog, my car, my children, and my jaw line. Because love is the bases for marriage then I should be able to marry all those items. In fact, I can recieve dental benefits because I am in love with my teeth and we are wed in California. I can wait till i get rectile benefits for my colonoscopy every week to diminish testing HIV positive: the disease of homosexuality.”

Can somebody call Shonda Rimes? Because I can see this as a terrific storyline for a Very Special Episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Man arrives at hospital with teeth and wedding ring hopelessly lodged in own genitalia; Izzie falls in love with him and steals another patient’s dentures to keep him alive and chewing; heartfelt pop music plays; Meredith realizes that her mother always loved her own jawline more than she loved her daughter; and many, many jokes are made about “rectile dysfunction.” Seriously.


One Response to “Diagnosis: Internalized vajayjay dentata”

  1. felix said

    im sorry i know this is a really old post but i was goin back reading them and i just had to point out the hilarity of an homophobe eagerly awaiting his rectile benefits

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