Special edition: Even more fundy haiku!

November 22, 2008

They keep writing ’em, so I’ll keep posting ’em.

Comparing gays to
blacks is just like comparing
apples and brake drums.

put the same equal
rights into civil unions
like Marriage doesnt

Like the Shakers, gays
are self eliminating.
My nephew is gay.

Where does it end? Will
lesbians want to change their
sex status to male?

Gays have no right to
change what has been voted on.
God dont make mistakes.

The m0+herf__king
instructor is in: me. Class
has begun, dipsh1+s.

No I-do’s for youse.
Anyway youse look at it,
youse lose. No I-do’s.

Tanka. Tanka very much.


2 Responses to “Special edition: Even more fundy haiku!”

  1. Trish said

    Just how are gays self-eliminating?

  2. […] illiteracy a gem, a found poem, an accidental stroke of sheer beauty. I collected three batches of anti-gay haiku, which—then and now—put me in a happy Zen place, far from the slings and arrows of the […]

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