The phantom is here, inside his mind

November 22, 2008

“I have no doubt that those who are truly gay are born that way; but so are those who have, for example, a disfiguring facial birthmark. If such a person were to seek the services of a prostitute, would that be OK in California? No, it’s illegal because society has determined it’s detrimental. You may not like that analogy, but it’s more apt than comparing homosexuality to race.”

Society has determined that facially flawless johns are A-OK.


4 Responses to “The phantom is here, inside his mind”

  1. Joy said

    This analogy makes even less sense than usual, although for once it’s coming from someone who has heard of standard written English. You’d think they would realize that a person with a disfiguring facial birthmark can still get married, at least to a person of the opposite sex. And prostitution is illegal, whether you’re paying someone of the same or opposite gender.

  2. Lemur said

    My blogroll, you’re on it.
    Oh please, please keep doing this. It makes me so happy and reminds that yes, we can move past the fundies and no, we don’t have to shut them all in a very small room with Gilbert Gottfried (although it would be fun!). We just have to laugh at them.

  3. pizzadiavola said

    Trying to make sense of these comments makes my brain hurt.

  4. Maud said

    Sadly, I think there was a point to this analogy – that people who, in the writer’s view, are not normal do not deserve sex, or love, or marriage. So if you can’t get anybody to fuck you ’cause you have a freakin’ birthmark, you nevertheless can’t hire a prostitute. Likewise, if you can’t enter into a nice, normal het marriage cause you’re a perv, you don’t get to substitute perv marriage. Just go sit in the corner, alone, and be abnormal. It’s the law.

    This is definitely the place to encounter these nasty folks, though. Just as I’m grinding my teeth, fearlessleader totally cracks me up.

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