The twin paradox

November 22, 2008

“Ah, the boldness with which a tenured professor can blasheme. The problem with The Marquis de Sade and Jeffrey Dahmer is that they’re both gemini; the gemini mind more easily goes haywire at matters of sex. The gemini mind cannot stop moving, yet fixates on sex. Gemini is not meant to fixate. So you get psycho sex. And profesors everywhere think de Sade is just the greatest, when that’s like approving of J Dahmer’s acts. Why don’t you people know about the controversies that I’m babbling about? Because I work more hours than you all, for one.”

Here’s a bit more zodiac zaniness from the same guy who gave us this beauty. I did a little research to ascertain whether all Geminis are, in fact, twisted psychopaths, and discovered that other famous people born under the sign of the twins include Queen Victoria, Henry Kissinger, Norman Vincent Peale, Pat Boone, Kenny G, Barry Manilow, George and Barbara Bush, and Brigham Young. So….I guess that’s inconclusive.


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