Spelling and capitalization lessons are optional

December 3, 2008

“Public Schools: No learning for the little kids that it is ok to be Adam and Steve! Reading, writing, and arithmatic….Period!”

Here’s how it works: Catch an arith, remove the hook, and drop the arith–that’s the whole arith–into the Super Arith-Matic ’08. Now, adjust the control dial so that the numbers are blended just the way you like them. Yes, it’s that simple!


2 Responses to “Spelling and capitalization lessons are optional”

  1. Rachel said

    Oy. There’s even an easy mnemonic to remember the spelling of arithmetic: a rat in the house may eat the ice cream.

  2. Emily said

    It might not be okay to be Adam and Steve, but is it okay to be Sameneric? Otherwise, Lord of the Flies is totally out of the question.

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