I could have been eating strudel this whole time?

December 5, 2008

“Some of the homosexual activists are very clever. They recognize that Mormons have already been demonized in American society. Since the earliest beginnings of Mormonism, the faith has been the target of severe persecution. For decades they have worked tirelessly to spread misunderstanding, confusion, fear, and even hate of the Mormons. As a result, if the homosexuals can turn the issue away from defining what marriage is to a fight with the Mormons, they know this strategy will bring support to their side. After all, people blinded by bigotry toward Mormons aren’t going to give any thought to the real issue. They are only happy to have yet another opportunity to join in the hate-speak about Mormons. In addition to being a very effective target, Mormons are a very safe target. In a news story interview last year, an actor and sometimes political pundit said that he feels free to make inflammatory statements about Mormons because they, ‘…are the nicest people in the world. They’ll never take a shot at me.’ The interviewer asked, ‘So you can be bigoted against Mormons because they’ll just send you a strudel; the Mormons will bake you a cake and be nice to you?’ The anti-Mormon responded, ‘That’s right.’ Yeah, those homosexuals are pretty clever.”

Just not quite clever enough, apparently, to realize that the Mormons and the Amish aren’t the same people.


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