Pomp and stupidity

December 5, 2008

“Susan and Colleen will never be a man and a woman getting together in marriage for the purpose of procreating naturally and raising a family of normally-engendered children. Handing them a marriage certificate is exactly like giving somebody a college degree when they didn’t do the work and pass the courses. They may have the degree certificate, but they don’t really have the knowledge that goes with the degree. It’s all just on paper. Fake. Phony.”

That’s right, gays. (Susan? Colleen? Are you paying attention, or are you goofing off back there?) You think this is all fun and games, but let me tell you, nobody walks out of the Cascades of Love 24-Hour Wedding Chapel as husband and wife without pulling a lot of all-nighters first.


One Response to “Pomp and stupidity”

  1. Rachel said

    I don’t get it. Is this writer arguing for premarital sex?

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