Brother, can you paradyme?

December 6, 2008

“Mormons have endured more persecution than any of the fruits and nuts of California can throw their way. You don’t scare us. You want to boycott everything Mormon or Utah? Good, our Hotels won’t have to double wash the sheets with clorox anymore. More deep powder skiing and tranquility in our National Parks for us normal people. We’ve had governors sign extermination orders on us, been kicked out of five states, marched into the wilderness in the dead of winter. etc…, a few pansies are hardly worth losing any sleep over. Pro Marriage is not a Mormon thing, you ignorant fairies, It’s a 5,000 year old tradition, red blooded Americans are simply trying to maintain the status quo, the antagonists with the new paradyme is the gay community. Carry on you spoiled, narcicistic, petulant boobs. You came into our space, and you want a fight? You got it. It’s just that we will beat you through the democaratic process with dignity and decorum and not through threats and tantrums.”

I’m just going to run back to my “space” and double-wash my ignorant pansy brain with Clorox, but you keep up that “dignity and decorum,” dear.


2 Responses to “Brother, can you paradyme?”

  1. Siobhan the Not Very Evil said

    5000 years? 5000 years?

    Assuming a 6000-year-old planet, the marriage he is referring to is polygamous slavery.

    Why do I keep reading these nutjobs?

  2. monalisa said

    I wonder what color he thinks gay blood is.

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