Milk and honeys

December 8, 2008

“Even if actor Sean Penn were not an America-hating lunatic, even if Hollywood didn’t constantly try to shove heterophobic, anti-American propaganda down our throats, I would still have no intention of paying to see a movie about, by and for sociopaths. I’m sure all patriotic Americans will feel the same and, like most agenda films, it will be gone from theaters within a week.”

It takes a cultural critic like Bobby here to shine a light into the dark places we’re all more comfortable ignoring sometimes. We can no longer escape the truth about Hollywood. The ingrained, anti-American heterophobia of the film industry has made it all but impossible to get movies produced about men and women falling in love.

(You can help prove his last statement wrong, by the way, by encouraging all your friends to see Milk—which, sociopaths and all, is a wonderful and important movie.)


3 Responses to “Milk and honeys”

  1. llencelyn said

    a movie about, by and for sociopaths


    For reals. I saw the trailer. It looks amazing! And certainly not…sociopathic. ARGH.

  2. Emily said

    Does Bobby know that Milk is based on a true story?

  3. monalisa said

    “heterophobia”? seriously?

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