Oh, trust me, the flawed are still among us

December 8, 2008

“If gayosity IS genetic, it’s simply Darwin’s way of eliminating the flawed among us, by making it absolutely impossible for them to naturally reproduce.”

You are the very model of a guru of gayosity:
You’re very quick to school us on its reprobate atrocity;
Your logic’s unassailable—and witness the profundity
Of arguing that marriage is conditioned on fecundity!

…But usually, you homophobes display a strong affinity
For viewing all creation as the product of divinity,
So how did Darwin creep into your glib religiosity,
You sacrilegious model of a guru of gayosity?


6 Responses to “Oh, trust me, the flawed are still among us”

  1. Maud said

    S/he of the touchingly misplaced faith in absolutes replies:

    If I were not a little mad and generally silly
    I should give you my advice upon the subject, willy-nilly;
    I should show you in a moment how to grapple with the question,
    And you’d really be astonished at the force of my suggestion.
    On the subject I shall write you a most valuable letter,
    Full of excellent suggestions when I feel a little better,
    But at present I’m afraid I am as mad as any hatter,
    So I’ll keep ’em to myself, for my opinion doesn’t matter!

    Fearlessleader, your talent for mockery is fearsome :-).

  2. fearlessleader said

    Maud—a “Ruddigore” shout-out! I’m impressed and delighted!!!

  3. Jessica said

    Fearlessleader, that’s amazing!

  4. Rachel said

    I’m going to be singing this all night.

  5. rrp said

    More G&S fans? Be still my heart.

  6. Nicole said

    Seriously impressive. I am so linking to this as soon as I have a spare second. (Long live G&S and Fearlessleader!)

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