Well, it’s better than being DISrobed by the government

December 11, 2008

“God heals people from this mean and nasty illness that the Government thrive on and instead of the Government helping these people with the mental illness that these people have suffer from their past they turn to each other and form a big cult and No matter what. God said it loud in clear why he made man and women to be come one and carry their off spring man and man can’t and women and women unless they do it the medical way. So thanks for the lovely Government we so have they already have in place the one world order look at the facts and on line forget about the news on tv they don’t hardly tell the truth any ways. People need to wake up and put their faith in God and not in the President exspelly when they say one world order or the new one world order. look into it and take the time out of your busy life and you will be shock to see how we are being used and robed by the Government and the Federal Reserve”

Quick, guess the screen name of the whiz who submitted this post:

A) “Bloviate.”
B) “Prattle.”
C) “Blather.”
D) “Think.”

Yes. That’s correct.


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