My mom is not less than my pops, and other inaccuracies

December 12, 2008

“Hey LOTS of folks including your MOM<POPS thinks that MARRIAGE should stay sacred THAT’S between A MAN+WOMAN What is the meaning of the word MARRIAGE anyway a union of TWO souls, SOUL MATES , LIFE PARTNERS (RIGHT) so the F***K what you can’t have that WORD MARRIAGE in front your UNION SOUL MATES LIFE PARTNER what ever you may call it. SAME SEX partners have the right ass any other traditional couples so what’s the BIG WOOP about the WORD MARRIAGE. HEY no ONE is telling you can’t be with the ONE YOU WANT TO BE WITH OR LOVE. <BUT PLEASE DONT SHOVED YOUR PERSONAL AFAIRS IN THE PUBLICS FACE>”

Hidden in this typographical assault on the senses are at least three nuggets of truth and wisdom:

1) Marriage is the union of two souls.
2) What is the big “woop” about the word “marriage”?
3) Same-sex couples totally have the right ass.


2 Responses to “My mom is not less than my pops, and other inaccuracies”

  1. Maud said

    Mmmm . . . MOM<POPS!

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