Today’s special: Finger Futomaki

December 12, 2008

“You and your friends just get hostile because you think acceptance is just something everyone should bend to. I don’t like sushi and if a bunch of people ganged up on me and told me I had to eat it, I’d bite off their fingers. That’s the wonderful thing about conviction, I can have it and I don’t have to prove crap to you.”

I think I need a nice seaweed wrap right about now. Because this commenter, like so many others, still doesn’t understand that we’re not forcing him to eat sushi—we’re asking him to coexist in the same restaurant with other people eating sushi. And we don’t even smell like fish.


One Response to “Today’s special: Finger Futomaki”

  1. Rachel said

    Good grief, I’d like to believe that if some nitwit were to bite off my fingers, he or she would get to experience a wonderful conviction, followed by some splendid jail time.

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