The DNA proves you’re a dimwit

December 13, 2008

“I’m glad this story is finaly in print so I can comment. 1- People of the other type of Sex- Don’t try to change school studys as they are 2- only man & wife can comsomate a marriage, with a church 3- they (Others) can only be married by the Law (Justic of the peace if you will) no type of law to make a church as far as paper work goes to legalies your union will be legal.For any court, DNA required.”

So, you’ve been working on this comment for….how long, exactly?


4 Responses to “The DNA proves you’re a dimwit”

  1. Joy said

    I love this blog, but sometimes it makes me cry as much as laugh. FF, please tell me that ALL these comments were written by one, or maybe two people. It’s not really possible that there are hundreds and thousands and even millions of uneducated, illiterate, illogical, just plain stupid-ass morons out there, all of whom have the right to vote on my civil rights and on who runs my country, is it? (Don’t answer that question; it’ll only make me cry harder.)

  2. fearlessleader said

    Oh, Joy, I feel your pain. And while I very much like the thought that all these idiots might be a single person (in the same vein as Amy’s theory about the lone gay nephew), I’m afraid they’re everywhere.

    On the bright side, surely nature is selecting them out.

  3. infamousqbert said

    i’m kind of glad i can’t “comsomate” a marriage with a church.

  4. JoAsakura said

    consomate… isn’t that like making soup?

    Other than that, man, this one is hard to read. 0.o

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