God made Kang and Kodos, not Kang and Stodos

December 16, 2008

“I have children that may be taught in school that same gender sex is natural. Same gender sex does not create children. ‘Then where do babies come from for this family’? I think that this will cause confusion for kids. If I were a martian from space placed on earth to observe this subject and how it is affecting humans, I would be one seriously confused alien. I would simply then go by the planets natural order of things and know that to be how the human race continues.”

Yes, indeed. If anybody’s going to be scandalized by the notion of probing someone’s nether regions for non-procreative purposes, it’s going to be the Martians.


One Response to “God made Kang and Kodos, not Kang and Stodos”

  1. Renee said

    While we are at it lets just exclude all of the hetero sex happens just because it feels good.

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