Then what’s the point of being in front of them?

December 17, 2008

“Utah dowes not have the complete right to be in front of those that think sodomy is wrong, Tennessee has just as good and worthy christians. This whole land we live in has turned from Christ. Sodomy in the forfront of popularity, abortion being the murderous way for sexual convinience and the mere thought of sex out of wedlock is adultry and fornication. All these are Christian terms. Why get so upset at our moral code, it is you that cannot adhere to it. Sodomy is like a duck, if it quacks likes a duck and walks like a duck and looks like a duck – well get the messgae.”

I think we need another reading guide. Please enjoy the following discussion questions with your book circle:

1) The author is hurt that Utah gets all the attention when Tennessee is, in his opinion, every bit as bigoted. Do you agree with this assessment? Can you think of other states that might feel similarly neglected?

2) The author makes the intriguing claim that “sodomy,” “abortion,” “adultry,” and “fornication” are all “Christian terms.” What do you suppose he means by this? What other terms would you add to his list?

3) Do you agree that “sodomy is like a duck”? Isn’t sodomy actually more like a goose?

4) As an extra activity, draw a picture of how you think a “messgae” might look! Would rumpled flannel and poorly gelled hair be involved?


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