Mary, Mary, quite contrary

December 19, 2008

Most of the time, the abuses foisted upon the English language by the contributors to this site go unchecked by their authors. Every now and then, though, a writer catches and corrects his or her own error, and since we all make mistakes from time to time, it’s only fair that I give credit for edits. Witness this commenter’s original post:

“all citizens have this funamental right. Marriage is defined as a man and a woman. And any man can mary any woman. And any woman can mary every man.”

Well! That’s clearly not right. Fortunately, the commenter realized this, and issued a quick correction:

“I mean ‘any oman can mary any man’ man before you nit pick on the last comment those that are anto prop 8”



One Response to “Mary, Mary, quite contrary”

  1. Joy said

    These people always make their religious rules so complicated and restrictive. So, I’m a woman, therefore I can mary every man, but if I want to mary just any man, I have to be a oman, right? Isn’t oman in the Middle East somewhere? And how do I mary someone? Does that have something to do with joseph and jesus and virgin birth?

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