Logic that makes the baby Jesus cry

December 23, 2008

“Well, since Christmas is celebrated as a national holiday don’t you think that [singing Christmas songs in public schools] would be appropriate? Most Americans would! I do! Since He is the reason for this season, it only makes sense, doesn’t it? Do people sing happy birthday to someone else during your birthday celebration? Probably not! Jesus is non~religious!! He was a person, even though He was God! Singing songs about His birth is not a religious event.”

This is all so confusing. If Jesus is going to have a secret secular identity, then he also needs some sort of superhero-style catch-phrase, so that we can tell when he’s religious and when he’s not. “Wonderful Counselor Powers, Activate!”? “JESUS SMASH”? “O Holy Night, Christman!”?


2 Responses to “Logic that makes the baby Jesus cry”

  1. That quotation is so brain-achingly stupid, I don’t know where to begin.

    But, actually, Jesus did have a couple of superhero catchphrases:

    “Your sins are forgiven!”

    “Take up your bed and walk!”

    and of course, in the moment of his triumph (which looked like his defeat), “It is finished”.

  2. Nathan said

    Oh man I love how stupid people can be 😛
    And yeah I’m thinking something along the lines of “JESUS AWAAAAAAYYYYYYYY”

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