Trick or tree!

December 23, 2008

“I feel that with the law permitting marriage to any gender to any gender, this will send the message that traditional structure in society is forever altered.. in the same way that it would be made mandatory to display a giant jack-o-latern next to your Christmas tree.”

[Sing to the tune of “The Holly and the Ivy“]

Oh, the pumpkin and the pine tree, when they are side by side,
Cause this poor fundy’s head to spin as her holidays collide.
Oh, the rising of the hackles and the running of the mouth
Would be funny if our civil rights weren’t quickly heading south.


2 Responses to “Trick or tree!”

  1. EKSwitaj said

    Oh, I wish! The Nightmare Before Christmas was such a fun movie.

  2. Rachel said

    Someone should really investigate my Long’s drugstore, which put the Christmas wrapping paper out for sale alongside the Halloween costumes this year. Clearly, it’s a homosexual plot.

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