My long gay holiday is over.

March 5, 2009

Dear friends of FF: I must apologize for taking a somewhat longer than intended sabbatical from blogging. The campaign and its aftermath were draining enough that when the new year rolled around, I found it more satisfying and healing to ignore the online bigots than to mock them. In honor of the arguments before the California Supreme Court, though, and the corresponding resurgence of ungrammatical vitriol on the intertubes, I think it’s time to dust off the snark and get back to the business of hoisting homophobes on their own petards. Shall we?

By the way, I’m heartened by those of you who have written or commented to ask where FF has been. And I feel it’s somehow important to mention that at least a handful of new readers have been led here by Google keyword searches, the most recent of which were “dog unity candle,” “what if the titanic hadn’t of sunk?”, and “sexo bondiage.” Ah, it’s good to be back.


4 Responses to “My long gay holiday is over.”

  1. Dori said


    I missed your snark. I figured that you needed the break, but I’m glad you’re back

  2. Todd said

    Yeah! Your back… I have missed the updates. Hope you are doing well.

  3. Um… when do we get to the sexo bondiage?

  4. casey mae. said

    I’m so glad for your return. The snark keeps me sane amidst the havoc being wreaked.

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